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Fish Finder with Sonar Sensor

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Fish Finder – Fish Locator with Sonar Sensor

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Product Description

With this fish finder that uses sonar technology, now you can see exactly on an LCD screen if there are any fish in the area!

Did you ever spend hours at a river bed, or a lake side just waiting to catch a fish and nothing happens, then you go home empty handed? Well, with this Fish Finder, you won’t have to spend countless hours just to wait for a bite any more. Designed for amateur and professional fishermen alike, this fish finder helps you find out the location of fish including the depth of water. It can be used in an ocean, river or lake: any water that might hide fish!

The Fish Finder uses sonar to locate and define structure, composition, as well depth below by sending a sound wave signal. It then uses the reflected signal to interpret the location, size, and composition of an object, and display all the information on the screen for you. You can then decide where to drop your bait to catch the biggest fish!

A cool gadget for professional fishermen and fishing enthusiasts alike, the CVJH-OG03 Fish Finder is instock now and available at a direct from factory Retail price. Order now and we will ship out within one day. Brought to you by the leader in factory direct Retail electronics, High5Gadgets.

At a Glance…

  • Easy to use
  • Floating Wing Nut
  • Great for amateurs and pros alike
  • 9 Meter cable with sonar sensor (over 25 feet)

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Depth Range: 0.7 Meters to 100 Meters (2 Feet to 328 Feet)
    • Measurement: Meters or Feet
    • Fish Detection: Aprox Location and Depth
    • Sensor Beam Angle: 45 Degrees (200kHz)
    • Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 Degree Celsius (-4 to 158 Fahrenheit)
    • Power Source: 4 x AAA batteries (Not Included)


    • Display Size: 2 Inch Anti-UV LCD
    • Backlight: Green LED
    • Non Touchscreen


    • Main product dimensions: 120x67x25mm (L x W x D)
    • Cable Length: 9000 Millimeters (29.5 Feet)

    Product Notes

    • You can mount the sonar by fixing it to the boat hull, using a float on the cable to mount the sonar inside the water, fixing it on a pole and push it into the desirable position inside the water, cutting a hole on the ice surface and place the sonar under the water.
    • Removable float.

    Package Contents

    • Portable Fish Finder with LCD Screen
    • Sonar Sensor + 9m Cable
    • Screw
    • Wing Nut
    • Neck Strap
    • User Manual

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can this fish finder unit also work when ice fishing? Yes, the fish finder can handle temperature of -20 deg C to +70 deg C (-4 deg F to 158 degF). Note: Do not place the Sonar sensor directly on an icy surface, cut a hole in the ice first and then place the sonar in the water.

    Ordering from High5Gadgets provides you with the following benefits:

    • Orders processed within 24-hours
    • 12 month warranty
    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

    Foreign Language Keywords

    Arabic – مكتشف الأسماك سمكة محدد مع استشعار السونار; Chinese Simplified – Finder 的鱼 / 鱼用声纳传感器定位器; Czech – Ryby Finder / Lokátor s senzor Sonar ryby; Danish – Fiske finderen / fisk Locator med Sonar Sensor; Dutch – Vissen Finder / vis Locator met Sonar Sensor; French – Trouveur de poissons / localisateur avec Sonar détecteur de poissons; German – Fisch Finder / Fisch Locator mit Sonar Sensor; Greek – Ψάρια Finder / ψάρι εντοπισμού με Sonar αισθητήρα; Hebrew – דגים Finder / דגים מאתר עם חיישן סונאר; Hindi – मछली खोजक / मछली लोकेटर सोनार संवेदक के साथ; Hungarian – Fish Finder / hal lokátor-szenzor szonár; Italian – Fish Finder / pesce Locator con sensore Sonar; Japanese – 魚のファインダー/魚のソナー センサー付きのロケーター; Korean – 파인더 물 고기 / 물고기 수 중 음파 탐지기 센서와 탐지기; Norwegian – Fisk Finder / Fish Locator med Sonar Sensor; Polish – Ryby Finder / ryb lokalizator z czujnikiem Sonar; Portuguese – Localizador de peixes / peixes localizador com Sensor Sonar; Russian – Рыба Finder / рыба локатора с датчиком сонара; Spanish – Buscador de los pescados / pescados localizador con Sensor Sonar; Thai – ค้นหาปลา / ปลาตำแหน่งพร้อมเซ็นเซอร์โซนาร์

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