MOYEAH CPAP Ventilator (White)

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The MOYEAH CPAP Ventilator is a great sleeping aid that helps people suffering from sleeping apnea to enjoy a comfortable nights’ sleep.

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Product Description

Key Features…

  • MOYEAH CPAP offers a good nights sleep for sufferers of sleep apnea and breathing problems
  • Advanced ventilation algorithm in synchronization gives patient a brilliant experience of free breathing
  • Comes with intergraded air humidifier for extra comfort
  • Smart design starts working automatically when breathing is detected

MOYEAH CPAP Ventilator

With this professional-grade CPAP ventilator from MOYEAH, everybody will get a good nights’ rest. This health gadget treats you to a continuous flow of positive airway pressure. By continuously providing you with a mild air pressure, it helps you to breath effortlessly throughout the night. This makes the CPAP ventilator extremely helpful for those of you that experience breathing problems or are suffering from sleeping apnea. Thanks to its high-end features, this health gadget can be used for both personal usage and professional usage alike.

This smart CPAP ventilator from MOYEAH switches on automatically whenever it detects a person breathing. Before you fall asleep, your health gadget applies a low air pressure that helps you to fall asleep in a comfortable and natural manner. Once you have fallen asleep, the CPAP ventilator will increase its air pressure to make sure that you’ll always inhale the required amount of oxygen with every breath you take. Its intelligent pressure release algorithm and EPR technology make it possible for the machine to apply less pressure when the patient is exhaling and more when he is inhaling. Thanks to this, a natural breathing rhythm is simulated to increase the user’s comfort at night.

The 3.5-Inch display of this CPAP ventilator adjusts its brightness automatically based on the natural light in your environment. Therefore it won’t blind the patient at night and keep him from sleeping. The machine comes with a 32GB SD card slot that allows you to store the data obtained during your previous sleeping sessions. It is possible to analyze your breathing patterns and compare data over a one year period of time. With its low-sound design and built-in air humidifier, this health gadget treats you to extra comfort at night. With this CPAP ventilator at your side, you’ll never experience a restless night again.

The MOYEAH CPAC ventilator comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Display: 3.5 inch color sceen
    • Noise level: less than 28dB
    • Mode: CPAP, CPAP-V (only for 20c Pro)
    • CPAP pressure range: 4-20 cm Hg
    • Static pressure accuracy: 0.5 cm H20
    • Dynamic pressure accuracy: 1 cm H20
    • IP level: IP22
    • Respiratory event detection slope
    • Functions: Auto Screen Brightness, Adjustable Energy Mode, Time and Alarm, Unit Settings, Multilingual Settings, Performance Self Test, Self Patient Report on the main screen, SpO2, PR
    • Humidity Function: Integrated Humidifier, Automatic Humidity, Preheat, Heating Tube, Tilt Water Tank Location, Waterproof, Water Level Detection, Smart Tube Drying
    • Comfort Parameters: Automatic IPR (Intelligent Pressure Release), Automatic Height, Adjustable Leakage Compensation, Auto On / Off, Circuit Compensation
    • Respiratory pressure release
    • Pulse oximetry
    • Built-in ambient light sensor
    • Data management: Host data storage (1 year statistics, 1 week high resolution data), SD card High resolution data storage (10 years)
    • External memory support: 32GB SD Card (not included)
    • Language: English


    • DC IN
    • SD Card Slot (32GB)


    • Main Product Dimensions: 140x 235x 120mm (L x W x D)
    • Main Product Weight: 1551g

    Package Contents

    • Host
    • Breath Hood
    • Breathing Tube
    • Power Adapter
    • User Manual
    • 4GB Memory Card
    • Carry Bag

    Enjoy the following benefits:

    • 12 month warranty
    • In-house QC
    • Member discounts
    • Award winning customer support
    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

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