Security Doorstop Wedge Siren Alert

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Security Doorstop with alarm produces 120dB siren when triggered to alert you and warn off intruders that may try to gain access.

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Product Description

Security Doorstop with alarm produces 120dB siren when triggered to alert you and warn off intruders that may try to gain access.

High5Gadgets is big on security and that is why we have a vast range of quality security products, and the security doorstop with alarm is no exception. The doorstop uses a single 9V battery that can easily be replaced. The sound produced when the alarm is triggered is a very noisy 120dB siren. The design also makes it more difficult if someone tries to continue pushing the door open even after the alarm has been triggered. Bottom of the doorstop alarm has anti-slide pads to hold it secure therefore the door won’t be pushing it out of the way too simply. The part that is designed to come into contact with the edge of the door is a stainless steel plate making this product more robust. Three position motion sensitivity controls activates the alarm if the unit is moved. This doorstop with alarm is really easy to use and very convenient in size making it portable.

After inserting the 9V battery, place the doorstop alarm behind a closed door to secure the room. If the closed door is opened, the edge of the door will press down on the wedge plate of the doorstop alarm and that will trigger off the alarm, which will produce a sound of 120dB continuously. The sensitivity of the vibration sensor can be adjusted from low to high as indicated in order to meet your requirements. When the alarm is triggered and the siren starts to sound weak then that is a good indication to change the 9V battery. When not needed turn the doorstop off and you use it for an alternative use such as protecting the door from hitting the wall if the hinged door is opened too roughly.

This Security Doorstop with Alarm is a great buy for anyone wishing to boost the protection of their home. Available at a low price attractive to both end users and resellers, order your set now and we will ship it out within 24 hours. Brought to you by the leader in security electronics, High5Gadgets.

At a Glance

  • A doorstop with alarm
  • Loud 120dB siren
  • 3 Sensitivity Levels

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Material: PVC and Stainless Steel
    • Alarm: 120dB
    • Shape: Wedge
    • Sensitivity Levels: 3 (High, Medium, Low)
    • Power Source: 9 Volt Battery


    • Main product dimensions: 136x45x37mm (L x W x D)
    • Main product weight: 87g

    Package Contents

    • Doorstop Alarm
    • User Manual (Product Specific)

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    • 12 month warranty
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    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

    Foreign Language Keywords

    Arabic – الأمن الباب إيقاف التنبيه; Chinese Simplified – 安全门停止报警; Czech – bezpečnostní dveře stop alarm; Danish – sikkerhed door stop alarm; Dutch – beveiliging deur stop alarm; French – alarme de butée de porte de sécurité; German – Sicherheit Stop Türalarm; Greek – Συναγερμός ασφαλείας πόρτα διακοπής; Hindi – सुरक्षा दरवाजे बंद अलार्म; Indonesian – pintu halte alarm keamanan; Italian – allarme di arresto di sicurezza porta; Japanese – セキュリティ ドア停止アラーム; Korean – 보안 문 중지 경고; Norwegian – sikkerhet døren stopp alarm; Polish – przystanek drzwi system alarmowy; Portuguese – alarme de batente de porta de segurança; Russian – сигнализации стоп двери безопасности; Spanish – alarma de parada de la puerta de seguridad; Thai – รักษาความปลอดภัยประตูหยุดปลุก 

    Additional Information

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    Dimensions 13 x 15 x 5 cm