Waterproof Metal Detector – Nugget

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Metal Detector “Nugget” – 9.5 Inch Detection Plate, Water Resistant, Metal Type Recognition, Hard Carrying Case

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Product Description

Metal Detector with 9.5 inch waterproof detection plate, ferrous and non ferrous detection, hard case carrying box and more. Look for metal objects, gold, silver or even find long forgotten treasures in your back yard.

The “Nugget” metal detector is a professional detector built for the avid treasure hunter which comes equipped with a 9.5 inch waterproof detection plate, allowing you to track metals in shallow waters, muddy fields and any other rough terrain. Make every hunting trip a great success by adjusting the sensitivity of the scanner manually up to 3.5m deep, and instantly displaying the type of metal scanner detects you’ll know exactly what you’ve stumbled upon and if it’s worth digging it up.

Coming with a hard carrying case, the “Nugget” is easy to transport and won’t get damaged while on the road. Easy to use, the “Nugget” is perfect for both the professional treasure hunter and the starting adventurer looking for a decent detector. Coins, rings, jewelry and pirate treasures are all waiting to be found in your own backyard, public beaches and fields so start treasure hunting today! As an extra, a pair of quality headphones is included so you can get the search going immediately.

This professional metal detector is now instock and comes with a 12 month warranty. Order today and we guarantee to ship your order out within one working day. Brought to you by the leader in Retail outdoor gadgets, High5Gadgets.

At a Glance…

  • Metal Detector
  • Waterproof 9.5 Inch Detection Plate
  • Carrying Case
  • Free Pair of Headphones
  • Scans up to 3.5m Deep

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Max Detection Depth: 2.5-3.5m
    • Detection Alarm: Audio and LED Indication
    • Metal Type Recognition: Ferrous, Non Ferrous
    • Water Resistant Metal Detection Plate
    • Signal Frequency: 9.6KHz
    • Audio Frequency: 400Hz
    • Power Source: 13.8V Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Included)
    • Battery Life: 10 Hours


    • Main product dimensions: 1360x390x300mm (L x W x D)
    • Main product weight: 1800g

    Package Contents

    • Metal Detector
    • Control Panel (Product Specific)
    • Waterproof Proble Set (Product Specific)
    • Headphones (Product Specific)
    • Power Adaptor (Product Specific)
    • Keys (Product Specific)
    • Hard Carrying Case (Product Specific)

    Ordering from High5Gadgets provides you with the following benefits:

    • Orders processed within 24-hours
    • 12 month warranty
    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

    Foreign Language Keywords

    Arabic – كاشف معادن الأرض; Chinese Simplified – 地下金属探测器; Czech – detektor kovu pozemní; Danish – ground metal detector; Dutch – grond metaal detector; French – détecteur de métal de sol; German – Boden-Metalldetektor; Greek – έδαφος ανιχνευτή μετάλλων; Hebrew – גלאי מתכות הקרקע; Hindi – जमीन मेटल डिटेक्टर; Hungarian – földi fém detektor; Italian – metal detector terra; Japanese – 地上の金属探知器; Korean – 그라운드 금속 탐지기; Norwegian – bakken metalldetektor; Polish – Wykrywacz metalu podłoża; Portuguese – detector de metais de terra; Russian – детектор металла земли; Spanish – detector de metales de tierra; Thai – เครื่องตรวจจับโลหะพื้น /p>

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